how to build a kickass Instagram profile

How to Build a Kickass Instagram Profile

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Instagram is a highly targeted visual marketing channel that can take you and your brand places. There’s no doubt that this is an opportunity for you to learn how to build a kickass Instagram profile and generate a loyal follower base that is going to get updated on everything you or your brand does. There are over 500 million Instagram users that are using the app every day and that number is only growing. While the user base is huge, you do not have to get discouraged because of the competition. You’d be happy to know that most Instagram brands and people yet do not know what it takes to build great social profiles. We got your back. We’re going to share with you the quintessential 10 steps you need to do right now to make sure you have the best Instagram profile ever made. 

Use Hashtags

The power of Instagram’s hashtag service is quite underrated. It’s probably the most effective tool to target masses of users that are specifically using search to find what they want. Don’t be scared to use a couple of non-competitive hashtag keywords in your profile that works for you or your brand. 

Go Public 

By default, Instagram makes your profile public. This means that anyone in the world can discover you and find you. I’d recommend that you keep it this way. Unless you want to move to a business page and then allow users to see your content exclusively if they follow you. It’s a great way to build a follower base but not the ideal way to get your brand or product out there if you don’t have enough footfall first. 

Get a Recognizable and Searchable Username

There’s nothing more off-putting than having a username that is impossible to pronounce and even more impossible to remember. I’d tell you to skip using U$erN@m3s like that and instead keep it simple that speaks about your brand, name or type of service you offer. Your username needs to be searchable. Try keeping your business name as the first part of your username so that people recognize what they are searching. 

Name your Business

Don’t get confused. This isn’t your username. This is your business names. This is what you would enter on Instagram’s name field. Make sure that you are adding a full, yet not too lengthy, business name here. 

Add a Profile Image

This is an important step. Don’t mess this up. Your profile image is the first thing your potential followers are going to see. Try to make sure that this is the brand logo of what you want to share. It should be something easily recognizable, memorable and not too much in terms of information to process. Do not place text here unless it’s part of your brand name.

Write a Delightful and Actionable Bio

This is the chance you get to leave a lasting impression on your followers. Just like your profile image, your bio is going to help convert those users into followers. You have a maximum of 150 characters to write whatever you think is perfect. Use simple words that talk about positivity. Try to be playful and avoid capitalization of text. Use hashtags in your Bio so that users recognize what you’re trying to say. Last but not least, put a call to action link in the bio. Even if you don’t have a website, place a link to one of your other social profiles. Writing a delightful bio is just one part of the process to learn how to build a kickass Instagram profile.

Track Links in your Bio

That link that you added in your bio, you need to able to track its performance. The link needs to exist because Instagram by default will not let you add links into your posts. Add a text in your post like “Check Out Link in Bio” so that your users know where to find details about that post. Ideally, you should be changing your bio link to something that is latest and is relatable to your posts. 

Enable Notifications

Before you get onboard to posting and scheduling your Instagram posts using SocialMing, make sure that you have turned on your Notifications in your app. This way you will be able to see real-time progress of likes, comments and re-posts of your profile. This will also help you engage with your followers quickly. 

Theme your Posts

There’s nothing more horrific than looking at an Instagram profile that has blurred, terrible and ugly images that do not fit into a design frame of mind. It’s therefore important to ensure that your posts are following guidelines that you set up for yourself that fit with your brand’s colors and style. Please ensure that you have the best design theme ready and stick by it. Use Canva to build your post themes.  Also, I would recommend that you learn What is the Best time to Schedule Posts to Instagram

Be Consistent 

The secret to succeeding at Instagram is consistency. The Instagram algorithm loves people that are consistent and regularly updating their feeds. I would advise you to regularly post pics to your feed or if you don’t have the time Use SocialMing to setup 30 days of posting Instagram posts in 20 minutes. Auto-scheduling your posts is a great way to be consistent.  Once you are able to do all these steps and learn how to build a kickass Instagram profile, you’ll be seeing results in no time.

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